What are the main advantages?

Agenția de Print is the ideal customer for any print shop!

We review and send the order in a final print ready form and in larger volumes than you would receive from any other customer.

If you work with us, you will receive clear orders, which can be executed immediately, without delay, and without endless discussions between DTP and the client. We understand the dynamics of a printing company and the manner in which orders must be provided in order to avoid misunderstandings and execution delays.

All orders received from us are ready for print, with correct graphics: we have the page mirror, bleed and overprint, so we speak your language!


If you are working with us, you do what you do best!

In our collaboration we will give you orders for the products you execute best, easiest and most reliable, so that they can be printed quickly and easily. Thus, the benefits of our collaboration will be mutual.

For example, if your specialty is large-volume magazines, with over 10,000 copies, we will send you mostly this type of orders. If you make booklets of very good quality, you will receive such orders.

Surely we convinced you.

Contact us and let's work together!