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Case study – Gambling industry

Client – Gambling house, over 100 agencies in the country

Challenge no. 1: the difficulty of finding a printing shop to execute a project of 3-4 days within a few hours

The solution of Agenția de Print: identifying the proper suppliers
Because we have a significant number of collaborators in our portfolio, and their number is constantly increasing, we were able to find the right printing company who could execute a printing project in record time. In this case, our expertise was of the utmost importance because we were able to find the optimal solution.
To persuade a print partner to get involved in such a project requires strong technical arguments and a customer-oriented approach. Customers usually have to adapt their printed materials according to the technical limitations of the typography they work with. Agenția de Print reverses this force ratio by choosing the most suitable printing technology and human skills, which allow maximum adaptability to the specific requirements of a client.

Main benefit: printing a 3-day print project in 6 hours and delivering it in maximum 12 hours in almost 100 locations within the country.

Challenge no. 2: supplying all work points in the country, without increasing the cost of production

The solution of Agenția de Print: centralizing the production and creating a personalized distribution system

In this case, we identified the best solution and ensured its implementation. The first step was centralizing the production and creating a personalized distribution system to send the prints to their destination in a short time. This way, we offer the best costs for the given situation, but also fast distribution, within just a few hours.

Moreover, we obtained a unitary product in terms of quality, and now the project is almost completely outsourced, eliminating the adjacent costs of order processing, delivery or distribution processes.

Main benefit: optimized costs and fast distribution

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September 30, 2019
Agentia de Print devine Tiplog | Case study – Gambling industry | Agentia de Print devine Tiplog
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